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Cancer is a term used to classify a fast growing malignant tumor, which, if allowed to grow unchecked, will create more health problems.

Most doctors, even the research scientists, suppose such things as viruses, some kinds of radiations, cigarette smoking, chemicals, sunlight, trauma, etc. cause cancer. There is no conclusive cause for you having cancer so don't worry thinking of the past.

What we are trying with this site is to give you information of cancer more specific to India that will help you fight cancer and regain your health.

The most important part is do not lose hope. It is not easy to keep our faith high when your body is failing and you have no energy left. But understand cancer did not develop in a day and to fight it you have a battle before you. You will have to choose from many of the different treatments, change your lifestyle and diet habits. You will have to deal with the stress this process will bring.

It is wonderful if you have your close ones near you at this point for all the support and inspiration you can get if you feel lonely contact us, we will do our best.

Allow yourself to accept help from others. Give and Receive.

We have organized out information into categories.

Check out our entries on the Category section on the right. ALL THE BEST - Smile and fight.


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